SaaS Website Design: 20 of our Favorite Sites

SaaS Website Design: 20 of our Favorite Sites
April 26, 2021 Nils

Another way to simplify user interaction with your SaaS product is data visualization. Now, instead of looking for relevant information in the text, your customers can view it in graphs and charts. When you put your users at the center of the design, you carefully study all their needs and pain points.

Каковы особенности использования программного обеспечения в режиме SaaS?

Сервис SaaS работает таким образом. Пользователи платят только за использование программы, а не за лицензию. Вместо того, чтобы устанавливать приложения SaaS на свое оборудование, пользователи получают взамен полный доступ к ним.

At the same time, the cohesive and intuitive placement of UI components helps users perceive your software as a whole. The onboarding process shows new users how to get started with your SaaS application. It includes showing the functionality of your product and the benefits that users will get.

Simple SaaS UI Design

Estimate the platform’s scalability and potential profits to choose one that aligns with your use cases the best. Through user testing methods like card sorting, you can identify areas where your information architecture can be improved and make changes accordingly. Customer acquisition refers to getting new customers, while customer retention is about keeping these customers from switching to the competition.

It’s easier than spending effort and time creating components adapted to the current environment. That means that your team must have a good understanding of design systems. Scalable design always pays off in the long run, but you’ll have to constantly learn from your users to get all the UX/UI tweaks and improvements to hit the bulls-eye. The onboarding process is also a great time to offer quality client support, whether it be through guided tutorials, chat bots, or live touch points with your team. Offering these services can help to make sure new customers remain happy, which will help to keep churn rates low. Our team has reach experience in designing custom software solutions, including cloud products.

SaaS Product Design Best Practices

You can add fun to swiping interactions and make your app more humane. For example, below is a video showing micro-interactions in the design of Invisibly. Micro-interactions give feedback on users’ actions with your product. For example, changing button styling when clicking the mouse shows that the process is on the run. Using two complementary colors and white space for accent has become widely used in web design. It’s easy on the eyes, so users can view your content without being distracted.

If you want to find out more about multi-tenancy and why you should choose it, read our article Why choose multi-tenant architecture for SaaS application. Ask yourself which features are the most important and fulfil the app’s main purpose. Get rid of the ‘nice to haves’ before implementing the ‘musts’. Although it is impossible to foresee what problems you may encounter on your way, there are a few most frequent problems in SaaS application development.

Easy sign-in and sign-up

The placement of CTA is on the top with the text “See it in action.” This is the perfect way to capture user attention. The headline and the subheader have all the elements of a hard-hitting headline. Take it as your only chance to tell the user about your value proposition. Well, it is all aimed to increase the attractiveness and engagement of a product.

It’s also a smart idea to add it into the previous section’s drop-down menu bar so that it doesn’t clog up the interface. I’ve created a list of the top hacks used by the most successful businesses who have shared their experiences. We can now move on to SaaS design best practices after considering the standard procedures and problems with designing a SaaS application. Microsoft Office 365, for instance, goes beyond the usual Excel and Word programs. It enables users to securely communicate with other users and access and modify content in real-time from any platform and device.

Another way to personalize a website is by filling in empty states. An empty state is when a user signs up for your product 10 Best IT Certifications Java Developers Should Aim in 2023 by javinpaul Javarevisited and there is nothing to display. That’s because this UX component helps you acquire, onboard, and convert users.

Как работает модель SaaS?

Software as a Service (SaaS) — одна из моделей продажи и доставки приложений пользователям. Согласно этой модели, поставщик услуги разрабатывает программное обеспечение, разворачивает его на своих вычислительных мощностях, обслуживает и предоставляет клиентам доступ к приложению как к готовому интернет-сервису.

Designers differentiate your SaaS with UI/UX design aspects, which helps you stand out from the competition. Thus, the design also positively influences the marketing strategy. Each SaaS product designer in Arounda knows how to conduct UX research and effectively apply it when creating such software. Our specialists also deliver relevant and powerful user interfaces that your customers will appreciate. With so many SaaS products available, a well-designed product can be the difference between success and failure.