About Daloof

about daloof

Daloof is a boutique design firm specializing in corporate branding.

Daloof creates strategic marketing solutions. We are the guys at the forefront of visual communication & branding. From big picture brand creation to nitty gritty digital and print projects, no detail is too small to consider. This is what we do.

Daloof is a boutique design firm founded by Stockholm born Nils Leufven. Daloof is slang for ‘The Leuf,’ which is short for ‘The Leufven,’ a nickname given to Nils in his early years.

Throughout the span of his career, Nils has opened over 40 lifestyle and nightlife venues and has led creative projects for some of the world’s most famous hospitality brands including House of Blues, MGM Resorts International, Wynn Resorts, Playboy, Michael Mina and more. His works spread the globe and can be seen from the top of the Panorama Towers in Las Vegas to the front of the Waldorf Astoria in Chicago to the shopping malls in Dubai and on Playboy fashion in Shanghai.

Growing up in Europe, Nils was exposed to the arts from an early age including graphic arts and expressionist painting. He was drawn to the concepts of color, typography and began to practice graffiti at 11 years old. His graffiti work led him to paint with some of the top artists, later producing projects for MTV.

Named most outstanding art student in high school, Nils then moved to Los Angeles to pursue a Graphic Design degree at the famous Otis/Parsons College of Art and Design.

In 1997, Nils moved to Las Vegas to partner with Movingsun Studios, a design/creative studio specializing in nightlife and casino lifestyle marketing. A mutual friend, Michael Fuller, introduced Nils to Andy Masi, who was opening a new music hall/restaurant in the Mandalay Bay Resort. Their collaboration on the marketing for this new venue — the famous House of Blues — proved successful, and led to a prolific future in Las Vegas.

In 2001 Nils partnered with Andy Masi and Andrew Sasson to lead the in-house design team for The Light Group, the leading lifestyle and branding enterprise in Las Vegas. For over the next 12 years Nils would open nearly 20 nightlife and dining venues at the Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, Aria Resort & Casino, the Mirage and the Monte Carlo as well as Miami’s Delano Hotel.

After many years in the corporate trenches, in 2013 Nils decided it was time to leave Las Vegas and The Light Group and go out on his own. It was time to downsize, to focus on his true passion for quality design and branding.

This is the core foundation of Daloof today, to bring a bespoke sensibility to the design craft.

Most recently Nils has helped clients such as MGM Resorts International, Wynn Resorts, Playboy, Chevys, El Torito, Pink Taco and Urban Plates to develop their brands and has worked with renowned chefs such as Chris Cosentino, Michael Mina and more.

In case you were wondering, the urban dictionary defines Daloof as follows:

When you’re wearing a wet suit above water, but you’re still soaking wet and just as you’re sitting down your balls smash out the fart-air trapped behind them creating a noise similar to “daloof”

I was so gassy the other day when we went diving and kept farting in my wet suit. When I got out of the water and sat, I was SO embarrassed because my balls let out the biggest “daloof” I’ve ever heard.

by Jocelynski

A combination of distant and aloof.
“I can’t tell if he’s zoning out or if he thinks he’s too cool for us.”
“Oh don’t worry, he’s just daloof like that.”

by watermelon69