Top 5 White Label Crypto Exchange Solutions 2022

Top 5 White Label Crypto Exchange Solutions 2022
February 15, 2023 Nils

This ensures that the product meets all of their business objectives while allowing them to save costs by not having to develop new features from scratch. Start your own crypto trading platform with our whitelabel crypto-exchange solution. Our platform offers decentralized trading with advanced security features, such as two-factor authentication and multi-signature wallets, to provide your users with a secure trading experience. A white-label cryptocurrency exchange software is a turnkey solution designed to allow businesses to start and self-manage their own self-branded digital asset trading exchanges. White-labels are typically launched much quicker than platforms built from scratch. White Label Crypto exchange software is a prefabricated software that holds all the basic and latest features that are needed to start a successful crypto exchange business.

Highly secure, reliable and upgradeable smart contracts based on the current web3 standards to facilitate P2P trading without any intermediaries. APEX is developed for scalability, interoperability, and speed, thanks to its built-in FX conversion feature enabling seamless multi-currency conversion. Traders get access to high-end customer service that is available around the clock.

What is Crypto Exchange and How it works?

The KYC process typically involves collecting and verifying information about a customer’s identity, including their name, address, and date of birth. The company charges based on the features and capabilities that you will white label crypto exchange solutions like in the exchange. Like the decentralized exchange, it uses smart contracts to eliminate the need for a middleman. However, it also offers the low latency and quick transactions that a centralized exchange provides.

All these integrations help create an efficient platform that streamlines the process for both traders and exchange operators alike. TRADEBOX is an advanced cryptocurrency trading platform that makes it easy to start cryptocurrency trading. This software is known for its many features, which make it the best cryptocurrency trading platform. You can also exchange major digital assets such as Bitcoin, EOS and Ethereum, NEO and Ripple, Monero and Litecoin using this platform. Tradebox software can also be integrated with a fully-featured spot trading platform.

What is a White Label Crypto Exchange

But as the industry is expanding at a higher pace, the need for the exchanges will also increase with new products and services. High-level security and extensive customization are significant features of the white label crypto exchange software provided by Skalex. The product of Skalex has features like API integration, crypto to fiat exchange, enablement of multi-currency and many more. Skalex is one of the best white label crypto exchange platforms available in crypto space. Get in touch with the reputed White Label Crypto Exchange Software Development Company, to make an instant launch. White label crypto exchange software is a cost-effective and efficient way to start a cryptocurrency exchange business.


The White Label concept is a terrific method to get your new product on the market quickly, but it also has a significant cost advantage. When compared to developing your own product, the expenses of obtaining such a solution are substantially cheaper. Building a platform from scratch means you need an entire team of front-end developers, back-end developers, designers, lawyers, programmers and quality analysts from designing to testing the product. As everything has to be done from the start, from designing the page to integrating modules, and deployment of the platform, the cost will inevitably increase. Building a platform from scratch doesn’t only add more time to your project but also adds extra costs that you can avoid easily. In this stage, our well-experienced testers will check the quality of the exchange software by running all types of tests.

  • When you create a crypto platform from scratch, you must build an entire online marketplace from the beginning, from choosing the right technology to adding additional features and coding to testing the prototype.
  • Presently, there are more than 3000 cryptocurrencies and hundreds of crypto exchanges for the convenience of customers.
  • The software includes many features, including multi-currency support, advanced trading tools, and customizable user interfaces.
  • Exchanges that transact with fiat currencies need banking and payment partners.
  • Crypto companies tend to find it harder to partner with banks in regulated markets.
  • A crypto exchange is a platform that allows users to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies.

A crypto exchange is a platform that allows users to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies. It acts as a marketplace where people can exchange their digital assets for other cryptocurrencies or for fiat currencies such as the US dollar. In fact, these experts have built a white label crypto exchange that provides customization and security over everything else. The world of cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly saturated every day.

You can also add extra security features based on your business necessities with the help of our professional blockchain developers. Gathering the requirements from our clients is the initial step that we follow for creating a crypto exchange. We analyze the needs of our clients and provide them with the best solution. Automatically issue crypto wallets for your users with all the supported currencies. The platform utilizes microservices-based, modular architecture that makes it possible to smoothly add new workflows, features and integrations, thereby allowing companies to rapidly grow and innovate. Your platform will need to be able to scale up quickly to cope with potentially unimaginable increases in trading volumes if your crypto exchange and the prevailing market take off.

On-time product delivery

It offers a low threshold pathway to establishing a reliable, scalable, and efficient marketplace for native and asset-backed tokens. It is compatible with all blockchains and has a multi-cloud design to meet the needs for a global customer base. Strong integration in the settlement, custody and trading of assets, funds, shares, trading on the Blockchain, and settlements.

Exchange platform currently supports more than 20 cryptocurrencies and a dashboard to maintain the list of customers, partners and also investors. One of the strikethrough features of the product provided by AlphaPoint is that it can be easily integrated with most of the banking structures, payment gateways and also fiat currencies in a non-chaotic manner. White-label Cryptocurrency Exchange — A Complete GuideCryptocurrency exchanges are the backbone of the digital asset economy. They provide a platform for users to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. However, building a cryptocurrency exchange from scratch can take time and effort. White-label solutions offer a complete, turnkey platform for launching a cryptocurrency exchange without extensive development and maintenance.

This provider would offer an existing exchange platform that the business can customize and brand as their own. Offer a range of customizable features, including the design, layout, and functionality of the platform, as well as the types of cryptocurrencies and trading pairs available. This allows businesses to tailor the exchange to their specific needs and the needs of their target market.

Top 5 White Label Crypto Exchange Solutions 2022

Thus, with the right expertise, you will be able to make changes to their interfaces without messing up their technical functionalities. Keep reading to learn more about why you need to know about white-label crypto exchange systems. Blockchain ecosystems require crypto exchange platforms to coexist and adapt to evolving market demands. Businesses worldwide are installing white label crypto exchange services for the reasons outlined above.

What is a White Label Crypto Exchange

Despite the volatility of the major currencies, the crypto market continues to grow, giving digital currency enthusiasts a platform to further develop the sector or the chance to profit from their investments. While both options for developing a cryptocurrency exchange software have their advantages and disadvantages, choosing between them will depend on many factors, including budget, deadline and customization flexibility. The final choice is in the hands of the owner regarding what specifications they would want in their exchange. White label crypto exchange software is designed to handle large volumes of transactions, ensuring smooth trading and reducing the risk of system crashes.

How Does our White Label Crypto exchangeSoftware Work?

You can connect the API of other prominent cryptocurrency exchanges which helps you in achieving higher liquidity. Velmie built an all-in-one solution, which harmoniously aggregated crypto exchange, payment platform, operating own digital assets and integration with external platforms. The platform is based on modular, microservices, cloud-based architecture and supports multiple currencies, including fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat transactions. It has an inbuilt core banking solution and facilitates independent KYC/AML compliance verification. Alphapoint is a quality software developer that has been operating since 2013 and is known for having a management team that has a strong background in traditional finance. It’s also the only technology provider offering both primary issuance and secondary trading solutions in digital assets.

What is a White Label Crypto Exchange

With easy customization options, you do not have to worry about being distinct from others. Here we list the tamper-proof security features that you can get in our white label crypto exchange software. All in all, we’ve all, at Prolitus, put our heart and soul into developing the most viable solution for trading and exchanging cryptocurrencies online. You can, of course, get more info regarding ProlitusX and all things we do in the white label cryptocurrency exchangeworld. You can also write to us at Prolitus, as we’re always happy to work with happy minds. Of course, all the cryptocurrencies can be traded via these platforms if the cryptocurrency exchange development services have been enforced correctly into the end software.

Security Features of ourWhite Label crypto Exchange Software

Unlike SaaS platforms, we don’t believe there is one size fits and tailor our solution to individual needs. We always have the capacity to move ahead with custom API integrations, UI/UX customizations and setting up the specific workflows. Hot, warm and cold wallets powered by MPC (Multi-Party Computation) technology for best-in-class asset storage security. The custody solution can be extended with solution by Fireblocks and Bitgo for compliance and operational purposes. Building a mobile bank for international remittance, bill payments and p2p transfers. Web interface and wallet apps for iOS and Android powered by Velmie digital banking platform.

Technical assistance & price

Global money transfer Send and receive money across borders in any currency. One embed offer FDIC-insured services that customers can use to manage their funds, earn interest and pay bills, send money and receive it all from one place. Alviere’s banking technology allows you to easily embed FBO accounts (For-Benefit of) into your platform, so you can offer customized financial services for your clients and employees.

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When you own a pre-designed & tested crypto exchange software, you ensure that all the security measures are already implied to protect users’ money and information from cyber-attacks. With white-label, you get a trustworthy provider of wallets, devices and ideal policies on money transactions and holdings. But, when it comes to white label crypto exchange software you fasten the deployment speed and save time & effort.

The software is pre-built and can be easily customized to meet the specific needs of the business. Velmie has been delivering leading-edge financial technology solutions for two decades and was one of the first companies to introduce enterprise blockchain technology to the financial services industry. It offers a white-label digital asset trading platform that is ready-made, fully customizable and liquidity-ready. There are many considerations for companies trying to build crypto exchanges that can stand with the best in the business. Still, the cost and time consideration makes white label solutions a worthy alternative.