Pink Taco

Pink Taco is a destination, a significant asylum whether refueling after a workout, vacationing, stopping by for a drink, or sharing a major celebration. Probably not your parent’s hangout, but we are comfortable with the fact that we aren’t for everyone and are happy lovingly doing our own thing. We are not serving food and drinks – we are serving friends. We recognize and appreciate them, provide genuine hospitality and passionately serve them and our community.

As part of the new ownership for Pink Taco, Daloof is helping develop a new concept & look for Pink Taco. Daloof continues to help with all aspects of advertising for Pink Taco, including but not limited to; new website, food truck, magazine ads, banners, in house specials & more.

Pink Taco is capitalized for the big picture, slated for aggressive expansion through out America in the coming years.