La Comida

Located in downtown Las Vegas, ‘La Comida’ means family meal, evoking comfort and togetherness. With an irreverent, funky scene and a good dose of rock and roll, La Comida makes you feel right at home–where home is a really groovy place.

With more tequilas than seats, served straight or in hand-crafted fresh fruit margaritas, La Comida invites you to raise a glass to your favorite revolutionary, dead or alive. A tequila for every toast!

At La Comida the Mexican cuisine we all adore is lovingly crafted using traditional ingredients and family culinary secrets from various regions in Mexico, with the sophisticated influence of Mexico City. The aromas wake the senses and the rich flavors indulge them.

A new addition to the Daloof portfolio & the future is looking bright. A new website is coming soon.

Daloof, LLC is Morton Group’s (La Comida’s operators) agency of record.