El Torito

El Torito is a truly authentic & traditional mexican concept. A festive & approachable restaurant rich in heritage, focusing on offering a memorable experience to each and every guest.

Food quality, refreshing drinks, welcoming service, vibrant/upbeat/latin music selections showcased in a traditional/timeless Mexican hacienda, creates a warm & comfortable environment for our guests.

‘Simply authentic’ means more than just authentic food. It also means genuine people, hospitality and atmosphere collectively creating a unique experience. Our mission is to provide our guests a real taste of Mexico. El Torito promises “the” unforgettable experience…

As part of the new leadership for El Torito, Daloof helped develop & make a whole new concept & look for El Torito. Daloof continues to help with all aspects of advertising for El Torito, including but not limited to; new website, magazine ads, banners, in house specials & more.