Located inside the MGM in Las Vegas, Crush is inspired by the intoxicating power of new love, CRUSH is a gathering of bodies in one place for the pure joy of eating, drinking and loving the celebration.

Every noteworthy event in history was commenced or sealed with the raising of a glass—here’s to making history with with Crush’s expertly-curated wine list of over 300 wines, beer, spirits, and a cocktail list with lovers in mind.

Crush is an homage to the age of communal feasting where dinner out is more than sustenance; it is a party. Crush serves chef-driven cosmopolitan plates, both small and not so small, designed for sharing.

We had fun with this brand. The owners were very involved but in a positive & not strangulating way. Daloof created all visual collateral for Crush, from logo, to menu, to websites, you name it.

Daloof, LLC is Morton Group’s (Crush’s operators) agency of record.