To put it simply, Daloof creates strategic marketing solutions. We are the guys at the forefront of visual communication & branding. Whether it be a billboard, a drink special, a weekly event, an online social initiative or even a branded napkin, everything can be optimized for your business. That is what we do.

Daloof is slang for ‘The Leuf’ which is short for ‘The Leufven’. This is a site showcasing the collective graphic design works of Nils Leufven and his Boutique Design firm ‘Daloof’.

Nils was born in Stockholm, Sweden and spent most of his childhood in Europe. He discovered graphic arts and expressionist painting at a young age and soon acquired a passion for art. He began exploring the concepts of color and design and the arts of graffiti and typography when he was only 11 years old. In high school, he was named most outstanding art student.

He moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue a Graphic Design degree at Otis College of Art and Design. In 1997, he moved to Las Vegas to partner with Movingsun Studios, a design/creative studio specializing in nightlife and casino lifestyle marketing. A mutual friend, Michael Fuller, introduced Nils to Andy Masi, who was opening a new music hall/restaurant in the Mandalay Bay Resort. Their collaboration on the marketing for this new venue — the famous House of Blues — proved successful, and led to a prolific future in Las Vegas.

Nils founded & led The Light Group’s fantastic in-house design department. For over 12 years he worked with Andy Masi and Andrew Sasson to develop the most unique lifestyle brand in Las Vegas.

After many years in the corporate trenches, Nils decided it was time to leave Las Vegas, The Light Group & go out on his own.  Many years of experience in developing & opening concepts; executing branding & advertising, has proved successful & today Daloof is a thriving business. In the past 5 years, Nils has helped clients such as MGM Resorts International, Wynn Resorts, Playboy, Chevys, El Torito, Pink Taco to develop their brands & has worked with renowned chefs such as Chris Cosentino, Michael Mina and more.

Through out his carreer, Nils has opened up and maintained over 40 venues with complete creative control, continually creating successful advertising and yeilding his clients great returns on their investments.



Incase you were wondering, the urban dictionary defines Daloof as follows.


When you’re wearing a wet suit above water, but you’re still soaking wet and just as you’re sitting down your balls smash out the fart-air trapped behind them creating a noise similar to “daloof”

I was so gassy the other day when we went diving and kept farting in my wet suit. When I got out of the water and sat, I was SO embarassed because my balls let out the biggest “daloof” I’ve ever heard.
by Jocelynski September 09, 2008


A combination of distant and aloof.

“I can’t tell if he’s zoning out or if he thinks he’s too cool for us.”
“Oh don’t worry, he’s just daloof like that.”
by watermelon69 November 11, 2012